The Body-Fit Bootcamp


Our bootcamps are specifically designed for ALL levels of fitness, whether you have never exercised before or you are already at an elite level, our instructors know exactly how to get the absolute best out of every individual and can always adapt exercises so that all can achieve. 

Our sessions are normally circuit based, incorporating an array of fitness equipment including; battle ropes, tyres, logs, medballs, powerbags, kettlebells and much more. 

A typical sessions would start with a warm-up, 20-30min equipment based circuit, team challenges/ races and boxing and core work to finish. It is well known that you will never repeat the same session twice.



These sessions often involve the use of various equipment such as kettlebells, powerbags, box steps, boxing gloves along with huge amounts of body weight exercises.

There is always plenty of variation during these classes with lots of exercises and variant intensity, the body is always having to work hard!

Our early morning sessions are very popular, people love the idea of getting their daily workout done and dusted before others are out of bed and the day has had a chance to begin. 

There are showers and changing rooms at the gym that you are welcome to use before heading off to work!