Matt Briscoe


After the birth of my child and falling in to a rut of not exercising and eating more fast food, I put on weight and felt awful. Seeing an advert for bootcamp sparked my curiosity so I went along for my first session. It was brutal, one of the toughest things I've ever done! However I felt amazing at the end of the session and knew I would be back for more. I started attending regularly, had more energy, adapted my diet and lost nearly 3 stone. I also developed a bit of an addiction for pushing myself out of my comfort zone. I'm now a regular participant on obstacle course races and have kept the weight off. Bootcamp under the tutorship of Jonny has given me an opportunity to lose weight, gain fitness and push myself in every session. It's a decision I will never regret and that choice I made to attend my first bootcamp was a huge turning point in my life.

Sandra Graham


 I joined Bootcamp a little over two years ago now , shortly after moving south from Scotland, also having my daughter at the age of f**** one , I needed to try and get my fitness levels back,  I also wanted to meet people in the local area. I have managed to achieve both of these goals in joining this  brilliant and very supportive Bootcamp, each session is a challenge , that always leaves you feeling that you have worked hard and looking forward to the next session. Training this way has allowed me to loose weight as well as take my fitness levels to a place I could have only dreamt of , at least that’s what I thought after having my third child . I now train around 5 times a week progressively challenging myself to the point where I’m back to a level that I can compete in 10k races as well as other challenges like nuclear races , one of the highlights of 2018 was to complete the Yorkshire three peak challenge in under 9.5 hours, this is something we all did as a group, to raise money for a local charity . I would Highly recommend Jonny’s Bootcamp and PT training for everyone as he puts a great deal of thought into all his training sessions , allowing for all levels of fitness.

Graham Roberts


Jonny really knows how to improve people’s fitness.

He makes the sessions fun, engaging, and different every time. You never walk away thinking ‘that wasn’t worth it’. Come rain or shine, The Body-Fit Bootcamp can help you achieve your goals from any level - beginner to competitive level athlete with a group of like minded people.

Body-fit Bootcamp enables me to compete in International Obstacle Course Races and Ultra endurance challenges, by equipping me with strength and capability to complete such endeavours - skills I am yet to find a way to get anywhere else.

I can not recommend The Body-Fit Bootcamp enough.

Kathy Forrest


I compete in triathlons – so  am certainly not new to training regimes! 


A friend recommended I join Jonny’s Boot Camp some two years ago to help increase my strength and fitness, as well as endurance.  


I train early mornings, evenings and weekends and as Boot camp caters for all types of abilities and offers varying times, there is no excuse not to attend sessions!


Each session is different – no routine is the same – which is what I love most!


Since joining Jonny’s Boot Camp I have conquered:

The National 3 Peaks Challenge, in under 24 hours;

The Winter Fan Dance (SAS course in the Brecon Beacons);

The Yorkshire 3 Peak Challenge - completed in less than 9 hours; and, most importantly –

I managed Podium Position in all my races, for my age group in Triathlons entered this year!


Thanks to Jonny and all my Boot camp training buddies!


No matter what your fitness level is, have a go!   You will meet some great people who encourage you, come rain or shine...


WHO DARES WINS.... Love it!!!


Hollie Mathison


So I am that person  who was fit and active as a child, played a high level of hockey then moved to university and lost my way. I found my mojo in my 20s and lost a lot of weight, became a good triathlete and then bam.....injuries hit, life circumstances changed and an underactive thyroid became an issue. I tried EVERYTHING to regain my love of exercise; crossfit, gym, countless pt plans...somehow throwing money at the problem made me think that miracles could be achieved. In reality I was simply over eating and finding excuses not to train. Before getting married I embarked on a plan which saw me regain a good level of fitness but simply reduce my calorie intake drastically so weight fell off. Naturally, following the wedding/honeymoon my eating returned to normal and as winter crept in the running fell away.....the inevitable occured and I was back to square one. Then I found Jonny’s bootcamp. It wasn’t a miracle cure....I initially I loved sessions but the summer was too enjoyable to train consistently. In October I made the decision to give it everything for a month to see how I felt.....I approached Jonny for advice on my nutrition and training goals. I was at rock bottom.....too embarrassed and unfit to play hockey never mind go to the gym or pool; mentally I was low. Bootcamp has been my saviour. I absolutely love the encouragement  I get from everyone else...no matter how much I am struggling there is belief that I can do this. Jonny is fantastic at sessions which include everyone and truly nobody gets left behind. I was hooked....group outdoor exercise is a drug for me.....and with the morning sessions it meant I could train then set myself up for the day nutrition wise. Mostly I love the social aspect at the feeling of satisfaction that everyone is shattered at the end.....it indulges my competitive side at times and teamwork is a massive part of some sessions. I was so honoured to be member of the month.....far from being the fittest it showed that mindset is everything; especially when hearing feedback from fellow members. I can’t imagine not being part of this now.....it has changed my outlook....I'm back playing hockey and swim training again.....most importantly I have re-discovered a love for exercise which doesn't feel like a chore.....and which I actually want to go and achieve when the nights are dark and cold!!!

Dean Clarke


I moved to Stortford in 2014 with no friends and in terrible physical shape. Like many I had tried to tackle my fitness on my own for years previously. One month it was running, then cycling, then it could be the gym or swimming. There was one constant - I never stuck to anything. What I needed was some expert help in meeting my goals, someone to motivate and push me and a group of like-minded people to do it with.

Luckily I found just that in Jonny and the Body-Fit Bootcamp crew.

Make no bones about it, it's not easy. You won't find this setup on the front of woman's weekly or men's health because it won't sell copies when you tell people that you need to eat well, train hard and stick with it for the rest of your days. However if you don't want to be sold a make-believe easy option that won't work and you actually want results then Jonny is your man. He has lived and breathed this stuff forever, practices what he preaches, he knows how to get the best out of every ability and he genuinely cares about your goals.

The icing on the cake is that you get to do it with a fantastic group of people. Don't delay, every day you wait is another day away from being who you want to be - the time to do anything is always now.