The Body-Fit Bootcamp

What we do...


With years of experience in getting people results, Instructor Jonny is most capable of creating a fun enviroment for group training that gets you super fit. We run sessions 6 days a week, most mornings & evenings with times to suit all. We provide our members with challenging but fun sessions, covering all aspects of physical fitness using a variety of fitness equipment and training techniques. 

Training with a group of like minded people can also have an incredible positive impact on your own mental wellbeing. Whether your goals are to gain strength, lose weight,  build on your level of fitness or to just reap the benefits of training out in the fresh air. Whatever you’re looking to improve, our bootcamp‘s have you covered! 

Who’s it suitable for...


We have a 50/50 split of men and women and people of all shapes & sizes that all have a huge mix of ability and skill level. Everyone at The Body-Fit Bootcamp understands that whatever your fitness level we all have strengths and weaknesses, everyone always fully supports one another to reach their full potential.

It’s not uncommon for some new comers to be unable to perform one press-up, run more than 100m without struggling and perform almost all exercises with poor technique. We see this often and give it our all to help you in all areas. We also have people join us that are already at a great level of fitness and compete regularly in a mix of different sports. Wherever your current level of fitness is at, Jonny and the team will guarantee to get you to the next level and beyond. 

Instructor/Owner - Jonny


 I have been running bootcamps and personal training since leaving the army in 2014 after 6 years service . I now absolutely love helping people overcome their own challenges by using my invaluable expierience from the military and fitness & wellbeing knowledge. 

The Body-Fit Bootcamp has a very positive atmosphere to train in and is very different from any other fitness class in Bishop's Stortford. I ensure I get to know all my members personally and make sure you’re never forgotten about and left to fall in to bad exercise habits. I’ll always seek to correct exercise form, progress your skill level and give advice on anything health and fitness related. 

I pride The Body-Fit Bootcamp on having a huge emphasis on encouragement, hard work,  motivation, team spirit and of course plenty of laughs. All of this together provides you with the best training experience possible. Having such huge variety in each session ticks the boxes of every element that’s vital in building on a better all round fitness level, not only does that help you with your fitness goals but also helps make sure you’re generally fit for whatever life throws at you. 

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